Technical Project Management

Large, complex projects are essential to the development of any business, but are invariably poorly understood and often inadequately managed.

WMS specializes in technical Project Management, this means we bridge the gap between traditional Project Management and Software Development. This places us in a unique situation where we are able to deliver projects in a dynamic and fast-paced environment relating to both agile and more traditional methodologies.

Our project managers are capable of leading any sized team, delivering applications in any environment, and our test-based objectives ensure that we always help create and deliver high quality software.

We focus on ensuring that the core foundations of a well-executed project are never just used as “corporate lingo” and as such we focus on ensuring that we:

  • Deliver projects on time and according to budget
  • Keep all stakeholders informed on progress, backlogs, risks etc., as well as collaborating with the relevant stakeholders on important project decisions
  • Ensure that teams are productive on a continuous basis
  • Manage the client's expectations as well as the relevant deliverables
  • Identify and manage risks as well as assist with the mitigation thereof
  • Ensure that all documentation is understood and assist in driving clarification sessions where required
  • Discuss key architectural components and influence technical teams on system design

Business Intelligence

Enterprise executives understand that timely, accurate knowledge can mean improved business performance.

Through our various strategic partnerships and through working with our clients, WMS is in a position to bring our general business knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise in business intelligence and data-warehousing to the foreground, enabling us to help our clients succeed.

WMS strives to understand the client’s environment so that we don’t just produce reports and content which is hardly ever used by upper management. Our focus is to deliver game-changing, intelligent reporting and dashboards that are capable of helping management make better informed decisions with as much useful information as possible at the click of a button.

Our KPI’s are developed with strategic intent in mind and with continuous business collaboration as well as change management. This ensures the most relevant information is available.

We focus on "function-over-form" and as such ensure that we deliver products that are

  • Simple to use and communicates the information clearly
  • Supportive of individual business units
  • Easy to maintain and modify as business needs and requirements evolve

With years of experience in the fast-paced call center environment, we strive to ensure that our dash-boards help drive productivity and support operational requirements. This includes, but is not limited to work force management, financial expenditure management, call handling times, problem resolution times, infrastructure health monitoring etc…

Software Development

The real cost of custom software is often only apparent when it cannot produce business critical results.

WMS is capable of planning, developing, implementing and maintaining any sized solution from mid-sized to enterprise level.

Our developers are highly skilled and work with the newest .NET application technologies for both standard applications or for the web. Through strategic partnerships with larger development houses, we are always in a position to supply resources should the client feel the need, especially in the case of an emergency. It is also these partnerships that ensure we are constantly in friendly competition which guarantees that our developer’s skills stay relevant and that we never compromise on quality.

Our integration projects ensure that custom client software has the ability to exchange information on a real time basis to any third party system such as SAP, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamic, Accpac etc…

WMS also has experience in the mobile development environment including hybrid and native applications. Our applications range from fleet-management and loyalty programs to social networking applications and integration. We always use the technology suited to the client, not just to our skills and we will source developers should the client have a requirement that we cannot meet.

Our development projects include

  • Call Center Management Software
  • Long distance bus & train ticketing and management
  • Lifestyle & Loyalty Products
  • GPS Based Vehicle Tracking
  • Integration with Syspro, SAP & other ERP / CMS Systems
  • Asset Management & Tracking
  • Customized Project Management Software
  • Stock Management Systems

Development Outsourcing

The ability to change with evolving requirements, to obtain quicker returns on investment (ROI), and to achieve faster time to market are not clichés anymore, but necessary ingredients to do business.

WMS can provide development resources to any company needing a skilled contract-based development resource.

Our contract-based resources are affordable and come with the same knowledge-base that we pride our internal team on. They also have access to a greater team of development resources, with years of combined experience to ensure that problems can be discussed on the internal WMS forum, guaranteeing that solutions are found in a timely manner. This option is great for any company needing that extra resource or two to complement the internal team during crunch times.

WMS also has a policy that ensures that outsourced resources are not just provided and left as is, but to follow up on a continuous basis ensuring that the client is always happy and that the resource stays productive and delivers quality work.

Through our “No Junior Left Behind” policy we strive to guarantee that, even if the Client only contracts junior to mid-level resources, those resources will have access to enterprise-level architects at no cost (T's & C's apply), further ensuring that the client is always happy and that no compromise has been made on quality.